Vezna studied architecture at the University IUAV of Venice. Her career path has led her to deal with various issues of architectural and urban planning. After graduation she began to work with various architectural firms in Rimini in Italy participating in the drafting of some detailed plans such as the new waterfront of Rimini and the surrounding areas, collaborating as interior designer planning some SPAs inside of high end hotel such as Oro Bianco Hotel. Vezna also collaborated with several contractor companies planning public spaces such as bars, pastry shops throughout the national territory. She participated in several design competitions as "Sun.Lab for creative outdoor" with the theme "home garden" sponsored by “Sun Salone Internazionale of 'outside with the selection and presentation of the "green fall" prototype, having publications on the importance of the mentioned field of architecture.

Vezna has developed a special expertise in the design and planning of mixed-use projects that combine residential, retail and leisure components. She leads the firm’s residential planning in condominiums and mixed-use developments of various scales, geographic locations, and market values.